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Guitar #1093 details

Owner: : zekedeno (at) hotmail.com
Date stolen 05-01-2011
City/State/Zip Cambridge MA, 02139
Guitar specs
Year: 1991
Brand: Ernie Ball/Music Man
Model: Silouette
Color: Honeyburst
Type: Guitar
Style: unknown
Orientation: Right
Strings: 6
Fretboard: Birdseye Maple
Serial # 91181
Proof of ownership? Yes, I have documented proof of my ownership of this stolen guitar.
Reward yes
Description Wear mark on body next to pick guard, near neck pickup. Square input jack was replaced with round Electro-Socket and 4 screw holes are visable around input jack. Blemish from repair from gouge on 1st fret on fret board. 6 screw neck attachment to body. Pickup selector reversed so rear position is neck pickup. White pick guard, knobs, and pickups. Humbucker/single coil/humbucker pickup configuration. 4 tuners on left of headstock and 2 tuners on right side of headstock. Ernie Ball locking strap locks with Satriani designed black and silver Skull n' Bones guitar strap attached. (1) film canister of thick Dunlop Jazz 206 picks.
Case Description Black rectangle, shorter and thicker than strat case, blue latches, gold piping. INSIDE CASE ITEMS: MXR Dynacomp Monte Allums Mod "Slide Bucket" Written on it. Custom Painted green/purple/orange Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer, Korg Pitch Black Tuner, (2) 8" Monster Patch cables, (1) costom painted purple/blue/pink/green sparkle glass slide, (1) gray guitar cable, (1) thin red George L's cable w/right angle 1/4" plugs, (1) brown/red zip purse w/ 9volt batteries and Planet Waves string winder/cutter, (1) canister of Gorilla Snot, D'DDario 10' strings.

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