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Guitar #1517 details

Owner: : codevark (at) aim.com
Date stolen 07-15-1985
City/State/Zip Burlington VT, 05401
Guitar specs
Year: <
Brand: ZAPP
Model: ?
Color: sunburst?
Type: Guitar
Style: Electric
Orientation: Right
Strings: 6
Fretboard: ?
Serial # ?
Proof of ownership? No, I do not have documented proof of my ownership of this guitar.
Reward Piece of mind.
Description Date stolen is approximate. It was a long time ago. I came home from work at 2:30am in pouring rain to find my apartment (at 52 Hickok Place) window wide open and all my electric gear gone along with some other crap. (Luckily I had taken my Aria acoustic to work with me.) This guitar was a Japanese or Korean Les Paul knockoff that cost me about $125 in 1979. Two weeks before it was stolen, I put about $400 into it, new frets/neckwork, brass nut, new bridge, whammy (Floyd-Rose?), tuners, electronics (aside from the stock pickups, which were freakishly insane), strap lock, etc. Great guitar, heavy like a real LP. A real screamer. The worst part of all this is I know who took it, but can't prove it. If it fell in to the hands of someone who appreciates it and plays it, I'd be happy. I have no proof of ownership, but if you think you have this guitar, I'd just like to know it found a good home.
Case Description Pretty standard cheap hard case, plywood, black vinyl, etc. I think it was red inside.

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