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Guitar #3631 details

Owner: : caeryl (at) outlook.com
Date stolen 09-30-1997
City/State/Zip Cincinnati OH, 45204
Guitar specs
Year: 70s
Brand: Fender
Model: Prec/Jazz Hybrid
Color: Black
Type: Bass
Style: Electric
Orientation: Right
Strings: 4
Fretboard: Rosewood
Serial # Frankenbass
Proof of ownership? Yes, I have documented proof of my ownership of this stolen guitar.
Reward 200+ depending on condition
Description Completely worthless to a collector or trader, but pricelessly unique to the player who still grieves its loss. This was a late 70s Jazz Bass body attached to an 80s Precision neck. The original neck had 3 bolts. The new neck had 4. The conversion left a hole in the body that wasn't covered by the neck plate. Due to the hybridization, the serial number was lost. At the time it was stolen, it had Bartolini pickups, a Badass II bridge, a black/white/black pickguard with red silver and white stripes painted (badly) on it. The black body had a greenish tint to it in sunlight, and had quite possibly been painted over a natural finish. There were wear marks on the edges of the body where one may expect for a gigging instrument that wasn't badly abused. The most notable mark was a rounded triangle pattern near the bridge pickup from many hundreds of thousands of finger strikes.
Case Description

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