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Guitar #59 details

Owner: Dan : Dknittel1 (at) verizon.net
Date stolen 01-01-1992
City/State/Zip Reseda CA, 91351
Guitar specs
Year: 91,2
Brand: Ibanez
Model: UCGR8 Unraveled Consciousness Custom
Color: Custom Paint
Type: Guitar
Style: unknown
Orientation: Right
Strings: 6
Fretboard: Maple
Serial #
Proof of ownership? No, I do not have documented proof of my ownership of this guitar.
Reward 250 or purchase price
Description Ibanez – Unraveled Consciousness – UCGR8 The Ibanez North Hollywood custom shop gave this guitar to me around 1991 or 92. BIG kudos to the Ibanez Company for their customer service. Before getting this guitar I had some difficulty with a retail distributor where I purchased a 700 series that had some issues. After unsuccessfully attempting to resolve the issues with the retail store, I contacted Ibanez directly. Without asking any questions, they invited me to the custom shop, gave me a catalogue and said "Sorry you have had difficulty, pick whatever guitar you want." What!!!! I couldn't believe it. I am still grateful for this gesture and have since recommended Ibanez guitars to many. Unfortunately, the guitar was stolen only weeks after I received it. The custom graphic makes this a unique guitar. Further unique identifiers: 1. I replaced the stock black knobs with white ones. 2. There is a crack in the finish around the tone pot where a drunken singer slammed an SM 58 into the clear coat. 3. I did not have the original case; however, it was in the case that belonged to a friend of mine when it was stolen. I called him when I found the picture below and he verified that it was indeed his case in the picture. By the way, recently I ran across a website with a picture of this exact model with - you guessed it - white knobs and chipped clear coat near the tone pot. It also does not have an original case. In fact, it has the case that was also stolen from me that belonged to a friend. Further, the email address of the present owner indicated that the guitar was in Hollywood, CA - just a few miles away from where it was originally stolen. I followed the email link of the owner - doninhollywood@webtv.net - but the link was bad. ****The website where I saw this picture and found out about the stolen guitar registry is Ibanezregister.com – which is a great site. The picture of the guitar in question can be found under the "gallery" link, then "the customs" link. It is called "unraveled consciousness". It’s at the bottom of the page. Here are the pictures from the page. Link: http://www.ibanezregister.com/Gallery/uscg/gal-uscg-unravcons.htm I assume this guitar was pawned after it was stolen and may have changed hands many times. NO QUESTIONS ASKED - if you lead me to the guitar - $250 US dollars. If you happen to have purchased this guitar not knowing it was stolen and you are inclined to sell it- I will reimburse your purchase price. Thanks
Case Description see description

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